Birthday Gift from Fabian

It is wonderful to get a message or feedback from families that we have been able to help out . It is even more special when our families organise fundraising events to help other families that need support

One email we received last week just highlights the appreciation for the help received and the generousity and thoughtfulness of families despite being on their own journey with their sick child. It was a very special message to receive and a birthday gift that we were so honoured  and humbled to accept

” I am writing to you on behalf of my son Fabian. Fabian was diagnosed last year with a brain tumour and has had a very difficult journey since which continues to this day, even though times are tough for him and his life is not what we expected or wanted we remain positive as does Fabian that every day we he will be a little bit better and we can give him as much joy and happiness as is possible.

On the 1st of September he celebrated his 3rd Birthday, this was a very special day for Fabian, ourselves and all who visited us to help celebrate. We asked our guests to make a donation to the Cliona’s Foundation through a savings box that was in the house on the weekend in lieu of presents for Fabian, this we thought as at the moment he had not much interest in playing with toys apart from those already familiar to him would go some way to paying back the Cliona’s Foundation for their help in recent times.

The total money raised was €515 which I would like to send to you today, would you let me know what is currently the best way to deliver this money so as it can go to help other families in need.”


A huge thank you to Fabian and all his family and their friends for their wonderful gift




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