Corporate Giving

Cliona’s Foundation works with a variety of businesses all over Ireland to increase awareness for the work that we do and to raise funds for struggling families who are in dire need.

Our Corporate Partnerships are essential for the sustainability of our work in Ireland and enables us to plan for the future. Often the applications that Cliona’s Foundation receives are of an urgent nature and need funding immediately, by having corporate partnerships in place we know that the funds are there when these applications come in.

Every partnership that we have is extremely important to us and we understand that each company is different and we ensure that we work closely with them to tailor a partnership that best suits each company and its staff.

It has been found that these partnerships build brand loyalty amongst customers as many customers would rather do business with companies that are ethical and stand for something other than just profits – customers want companies that care.

There are lots of benefits associated with getting involved in corporate giving. As well as enhancing your corporate reputation and building staff morale, corporate giving positively influences employee and customer loyalty and strengthens relationships with suppliers. Of course, there is also tax benefits associated with corporate giving.

Companies claim tax relief by deducting the donation (which would otherwise be non deductible) as if it were a trading expense or a management expense for the financial accounting period in which it is made.

There are a number of ways that your company can partner with Cliona’s Foundation.

Charity of the Year

Companies all over Ireland are recognising the benefits of developing Charity of the Year partnerships. Cliona’s Foundation would love to be chosen as your Charity of the Year partner and would be happy to work with your organisation to develop a strategic programme of fundraising and volunteering for the year ahead. We would greatly welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss all of the opportunities and options available.

Corporate Donation

Giving a corporate donation to Cliona’s Foundation is a wonderful way to help struggling families in Ireland. €1,500 will enable us to help a struggling family who are in dire need of support.

Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing is different from corporate giving as rather than giving a once off donation we can develop a mutually beneficial marketing relationship which may or may not include a corporate donation. Cause related marketing enables companies to improve their brand, generate business and retain customers.

Employee Fundraising

Staff fundraising projects can increase morale and team building within an organisation while also generating goodwill with customer interaction. Cliona’s Foundation can work with your staff to organise exciting fundraising events with anything from coffee mornings, cycles to fun and theme days.

Another way to increase staff morale and enthusiasm would be with a Matching Programme. A matching programme is where the company will match any funds raised by the staff– doubling the donation to the charity.

If your company would like to get involved please contact us by phoning 061-331 333 or emailing

Download presentation about Cliona’s Foundation HERE and share with your workmates

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